Inside Properties

Kitchen & Bathroom Refurbishment

Kitchen and Bathroom are among the most important rooms in a property. We spend most of our time indoor in one or the other. 

They are also going through their fair share of wear and tear. So, they have to be practical, beautiful and sturdy. 

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Painting & Decorating

A home is truly a cosy home when the decor reflect your personality. 

Having the right painting and decorating is therefore of utmost importance.

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We don’t see it, we don’t care much about it, … until something goes wrong!
Nobody likes low pression, or even worst leaks and unfortunately they are usually happening at the worst possible time.


In theory, we could leave without electricity. In practice, it is nowadays one of the most important utility in our home. 

However, this ultimate comfort come at the cost of safety. So don’t mess around when it comes to power supply and let’s us make it right and safe for you.

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Tiling is the art of covering floor or wall with tiles.

Tiles come in all different shapes, textures and materials. Having the right technics and adhesives is crucial if you want a long lasting result.

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We are coving all types of flooring, from hard wood, to carpet and anything in between. 
A wobbly floor is annoying and a tired carpet is just a shame when they all could be replaced at a reasonable cost.

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Carpentering, Internal Doors & Cabinets

Carpentering is the love and passion of working with wood. 
Wood is the ideal material for internal features such as doors and cabinets.

Our carpenters have the passion and dedication to turn them into real “wood-whisperer”.

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Outside Properties


A roof is literally what keeps us dry and warm. If they start to leak, this issue needs to be addressed urgently as otherwise, it could be the start of more problems to come.

But please, don’t risk your life and let the professionals climb up there. We know what we are doing and have the right equipment and experience.

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Guttering & Facia

Gutters require regular cleaning, ideally at least once a year to avoid blockage and leaks.

Some parts of the gutters and/or the facia might also need to fix at the same time.

Drainage Maintenance

Most water providers don’t service the drainage between the road and the properties. This is usually up to the home owner to look after their draining pipes.

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Windows & External Doors

Let’s the light in! … but keep the cold out!
Windows are amazing and come from all shapes and forms. 

We can repair or replace them according to your needs.

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First impression counts. 

The rendering of a building can tell a lot about the rest of the property.

We can do all sort of rendering, from fixing small cracks to redoing a full facade.

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Additional Services

General Maintenance

The list of all the items and things that can go wrong with properties over time is just too long to cover it all here. 

So, to keep it simple, we are specialising in taking care of all types of properties and can cover all your maintenance needs. 

Hence we are also working with lots of Agencies and Landlords.

Handyman Services & DIY jobs

We are also offering a Handyman and DIY services. 

No job is too small for us.

Just contact us to check how we could assist you with.

Hanging & Assembling

New IKEA furniture, a bed to build or some artwork and TV to hang, no worries, we can do it all for you.

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If your property needs some TLC, please do contact us. We are passionate about properties and love to bring them back to their full glory.